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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our core mission is to provide our clients with unique, professional and efficient services in which contribute to our renowned World Class Services in the logistics field.

Our Vision

We have a dream of becoming one of the best integrated international logistics service providers in India and it is our people and you that will assist us in achieving that.

Core Values

At Sky Birds Shipping, we always keep our stakeholders' interest in mind from the beginning of the transaction till the very end.

We believe that the people are the shapers of the company as it is today. They are the core deliverers of the services provided by Sky Birds Shipping.

Customer Focus
We are driven to provide our clients with as much services as possible and therefore placing them as our utmost priority in catering to their logistics needs.

Adaptive to Market Changes
Over the years, the logistics industry has undergone great changes and we can assure you that we place our clients' best interest at heart and provide them with logistic solutions that are aligned with the current market situation.